Northern Health & Social Care Solutions

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  • CQC Preperation
  • Leadership & Management Support
  • Primary Care Network Support
  • Workforce Planning & Development
  • Service Review & Development
  • Governance Reviews
  • Independent Investigations
Northern Health and Social Care Solutions LLP is a consultancy that offers a different approach to others in the market place. We are a team of individuals working together in a partnership model to bring together our different skills and range of experiences which provides a comprehensive body of knowledge, skills and expertise to enable us to collectively meet the widest range of needs. Our team includes medical and academic doctors, senior nurses and experts in corporate planning, governance, safeguarding and primary care.

All of our clients can be assured that while you will have a lead consultant, our operating model ensures that on every project, and every piece of work we undertake, you will have the benefit of our collective expertise as part of our offer. This means we offer best value for money, and by bringing in the right expertise at the right time we will achieve the best outcomes for you... Contact Us